sorry for random big photo spree (all v obvious photos but whatever), just trying to make up for the last few days. I still can’t upload photos from my comp though, i can only upload from urls from photos I find on google so i’ll basically be posting just the really common photos till i fix this :(

he was a bit pretty meh

Finally, no big fat watermark ruining these glorious photos

Ok, it turns out I can’t actually post photos atm because my browsers won’t let me…maybe i need chrome or something, i dunno. anyway sorry and bear with me-I can only reblog right now :(

"If you’re on tour you might stop off at a service station and buy a porn magazine. It’s usually chucked away before you even get back on the bus. It’s banal entertainment. They’re all identical. Films too. You’ve seen one porn film, there’s no point watching another. The only interest is when somebody gets something like Animal Farm, chickens and ducks. Yeah, I’ve seen it. After five minutes it’s boring because it’s just the same thing with a different animal."
"At the start we never went around wearing Welsh credentials. Richey was really paranoid about ever coming across as Welsh. He always called it the Neil Kinnock factor. I’ve become more conscious of it lately. I’ve started to support the Welsh rugby side. Vanity Fair interviewed Sharon Stone recently: they asked her to name her favourite Irish author and she said Dylan Thomas. Things like that wouldn’t have annoyed me before, but they really do now."